Welcome to: 'T Hophuys [The Hophouse]

On April 14th the Hophuys opened their doors for the first time and offered Sittard and it's region an amazing selection of craft beer, of which no less than 20 on draft! This tasting room offers the best beers available around here, a great atmosphere, excellent service and much more.

As we continiously rotate our beers, there are only a few that are regular beers on draft. These are limited to Grolsch Lager [our lager partner] and Guinness.

The remainder of our taps change all the time. Some may have a regular/year-round brewery dedicated to them [whilst the beers change] and others are suprisingly new. We don't have pages on which we update our beer list as this isvirtually impossible, but but to be sure to know what's on draft, just check us out on Untappd [we are a verified venue] where we regularly update the beer menu.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer you any food apart from our small selection of cheese and meat platters to enjoy alongside a great brew. We will be looking into this for the future, but for now....make sure to eat before you come and enjoy our great selection of beers.

Apart from our top draft selection we also have a core range of bottled beers. Here you will find some well known beers of proven quality. We also have a selection of bottled beers that change as often as our taps do. So make sure you have a look at our bottled-beer fridge for these [ask us where this is].

And finally.... we also have a selection of top craft beers for when you have something to celebrate or when you simply want to endulge yourself. They will not be the cheapest beers you can drink around here, but they are worth every cent.