Once a month (every first Saturday of the month unless stated otherwise, from 14:00-18:00) beergeeks can meet eachother here to enjoy those special brews you found or traded. The club will not be exclusive to members but will welcome any beer-lover that shows up. We post each Bottleshare Club day on Facebook as well, so it would be great to see you interact with that. Especially in terms of your attendance as it will be great to have an idea of how many you you will need seating.

Another way of interacting is to let fellow-geeks know what beer you are bringing, to avoid multiples of the same...



  • The Bottleshare Club can meet every first Saturday of the month from 15:00-18:00. It will take place regardless of number of participants.
  • Anyone can take part. There is no pre-registration required although other members would appreciate to know how many geeks will turn up. You can announce your attendance by adding this to our Facebook Event.
  • For the service (we will provide all glasses and water) as well as the small snackplates we serve during the share you will pay a fee of just €5 per gathering.
  • Beer Trades with other members are allowed, allthough we will not allow extra sharing on top of the bottles you bring to share. So trades are strictly for trading







  • Anouncing your attendance is advisable through the Facebook event
  • You are free in your choice of beer to take. There are no requirements on beertype, brewery or country
  • You are allowed to bring a maximum of two different kind of beers
  • You are allowed to bring a total maximum of 1.5 liters of beer
  • Your Untappd rating of the beer you bring is at least 3.9 (if >100 check-ins). A brand new beer without many ratings does not require a score
  • You cannot bring your own glassware to use. Glasses will be provided upon payment
  • You can share with whom you like. It's alright to share with everyone, but it is not a must
  • Don't expect beer from anyone if you don't give them any
  • To avoid doubles we advise to place a comment on the FB event with the beer you are bringing
  • It is allowed to trade beer for taking home